As you probably already know, most children feel great while they are experimenting, creating, searching and empirically learning.

I believe that not only art improves children's motor skills and concentration but also it helps to deal with emotions and tensions.

I believe that experimenting with different media, the ability to observe, analyze and imagine, opens a new way of perception. Abstract thinking and creativity that one develops through Art, are the key foundations in children's development.


Art helps boost self-confidence, frees from fear of judgment, helps to communicate our feeling and is, fundamentally, another form of expression.
You lose yourself in the art to find yourself in it at the same time.

It has a healing effect on the soul and mind. There is no age or skills limit.

Art is for everyone to enjoy.  Let's explore it.


My name is Jolanta Maria Cajzer, I am a mother of three wonderful children,

an architect, an interior designer, founder of Studio212 ltd practice and an artist, living and working in Chislehurst, Bromley, London.

Art was what led me to my carrier choice. 
Ever since I was in a school art was part of my daily routine, it was my safety valve from teen anxieties.  I loved doing it for the pure pleasure of experimenting and creating.  

During my studies at the Art Academy and at Universities I took many art courses: photography, drawing, painting, sculpture, graphic design, among many others.  
Throughout the years, it helped me master concentration and self-understanding, and most of all gave me a whole new perspective on the world around us.

In 2019 I decided to share my passion and experience with others setting up @THEARTCLUB212 as educational activity of our architectural practice.

In 2020, we want to get engaged more in the social and ecological aspect of life.

Jolanta Cajzer
MSc Arch, Architect ARB at Studio212 ltd

2003-2005 Royal Academy of Fine Arts, School of Architecture Copenhagen, 
1998-2003 Gdansk Polytechnic - Architecture and Urban Design, Poland
2002-2003 Istituto Universitario Di Architettura - Venice, Italy
2001-2003 Gdansk Art Academy Interior Design, Poland